Capstone [kap-stohn] -noun
1. A finishing stone of a structure.
2. The crowning achievement, point, element, or event.
3. The final project of a Bachelors Program utilizing skills obtained while attending Brown College.

Brown College requires that a student must either attend an internship related to their field during the quarter or create a Capstone Project. Since I was unable to find an Internship in time, I had to do a Capstone Project.

For this project, I chose to create a 3D animation using my DeathBringer BattleMech. The first time I tried to render DB in 3D was in Game Design. It didn't look very good.
Now that I have a greater understanding of 3DS Max, I can create a model that is much more complex and accurate.
This page contains the pencil drawings of the leg structure design and Story Board panels.

A requirement of the Capstone Project was to report the progress of the Project to my supervisor every week. This page shows all the images I sent to my supervisor showing the various views, progress and process of the model and final rendering.

During my modeling, I like to create test files to see if new techniques or methods will work or could potentially hinder or destroy the project. But these cases were mostly success and efficiency.

The Final Product. It's not as complete as I would've liked, but time was not something I had enough of.
Many thanks to Hetty Mitchell, my Supervisor, for keeping a copy after my External Hard Drive, containing my old School files, died.