A side view showing how a 3D artist would use a drawing for creating objects.

The same amount of progress as above, but at a different angle.

This shows how the Myomer (red tubes) and foot components move. This was before I figured out how to simplify Myomer constraining so the tubes were cylinders that were skinned to the pink attachments.

Both legs are done and mirrored with a rudimentary hip setup. 3/4 view

Front view

Perspective side view

The armor has been added to the legs, hips have been finished and shapes have been placed on model for sizing and placement referencing.

Right 3/4 view of above.

Using an old DeathBringer drawing, I began creating the torso.

3/4 view of above sans drawing.

Close-up of above.

Torso is mainly finished and textured.

Added missile holes and changed textures so it didn't look so green.

Rear view of above.

Finished model. Unfortunately, some problems involving the bones and Kinematics of the arms forced me to start over and use simple shapes for the final rendering.

Rear view of above.

Scene created, models and cameras added and animated. Ground is displaced plane with a green bordered gray box for the texture. Target is simplified to reduce polygon count while maintaining effect.