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10/28/23 - Small update that I've been wanting to do for ages. Bimbette from the Tiny Toons special, How I Spent My Summer Vacation, has been added

07/31/23 - Another long wait, but I hope it will be worth it. I found a really good quality rip of Ducktales '87 which is much clearer than the DVDs I had been using which turned out to be cropped a bit on some episodes. Anyway, I have added 4 episodes worth of characters including the shapely Circe, the hypnotic Cinnamon Teal, the gold digging Millionara Vanderbucks, and the fiesty Feathers Galore

12/23/22 - It has been a busy 8 months for me, but I just had to do this classic Christmas Special once I found out it had an HD release. Rankin/Bass's animated special, 'Twas The Night Before Christmas has been added in wonderous 1080p. I've been slowly working on adding/updating an existing entry during the year and will show that in the next update

04/11/22 - The next Don Bluth film is completed. Thumbelina has been added which includes the voluptuous Mrs. Toad and the cute Miss Fieldmouse. I have been wanting to do this one for a few years. On a related note, I would appreciate any donations to help keep the site going

01/22/22 - Not an update, but it has come to my attention that Myra Foxworthy is actually named "Mira the archaeologist". I don't know why this suddenly came to light, but looking at one reference sheet with her and several other one-offs, it notes "mira" with "Aridian Archaeologist" above her left view. I will most likely not change the entry due to how deep-rooted the name is within the fandom. If people started using the "new" name as commonly as they would her "old" name, then I may update it. On a more related note, I am working on some screens on another Don Bluth classic. Stay tuned

07/10/21 - Huge update! I found one of my "Holy Grails of Animation": The Blu-ray version of Sherlock Hound! Unlike Rock-a-Doodle, the video is still the original 4:3, but rescanned in high definition with brighter colors! Every single possible female character has been grabbed. Enjoy!

03/17/21 - First update of the year brings us some forgotten classics on Blu-ray. From Paramount's Noveltoon series, we have The Bored Cuckoo and Teacher's Pest

11/05/20 - Finally! After a long time, I have completed the Blu-ray version of Rock-a-Doodle! Peepers and the many cute Miscellaneous girls the film have been added

04/08/20 - Another long update. This time, I updated and added to Dinosaucers. Mainly Teryx. I'm still working on it so stay tuned

09/05/19 - After a long time, an update! Rock-a-Doodle finally came out on Blu-ray! It's been slow going and so far I only have Goldie done. In a way, the quality is the same (and widescreen), but it's easier to see details

12/14/18 - Here's an update for Christmas. I first saw this music video at a bowling alley and knew I had to include this cutie on my site. Check out the Music Video for Sleigh Ride by Relient K. Also included are a trio of vixens from some Russian cartoons. Two are for certain from the USSR. The Fox The Bear And The Motorcycle And Sidecar and The Pill. The third, I'm not sure of. Miss New Year doesn't seem to have an underlying anti-Capitalist moral like the other two

08/23/18 - The season finale of Ducktales(17) has happened and we finally got to see what Magica De Spell looks like! No too bad. I know the quality is pretty low despite the size. I'll update it once I find a proper 1280 rip. Also, I have created a Ko-Fi page as an alternate to Paypal

05/06/18 - Quick update! Ducktales(17) had a new episode and with it a couple of cuties. Check out Selene and the Siren girl in the Misc area

02/11/18 - First update of the year! This time I not only updated Rescue Rangers with full HD screens, I added a some new girls including Ming-Ting the panda and Cassandra the gypsy moth. Also, server rent will be due in a few months and I could use some help getting it paid. Contributors will be able to request one or two characters and receive a ZIP file containing the non-watermarked versions of the entries I have already taken

08/13/17 - Woo-oo! This might not be news to some of you, but Disney has just aired the first eposide of the DuckTales Reboot and already it's looking like a fantastic series. Cute girls notwithstanding. Added Gabby, Webby, and Mrs. Beakley plus some Miscellaneous Girls

05/09/17 - Another quick update. Redid Queenie in Rescue Rangers

05/03/17 - A quick update. Added Miss Gooseberry from Rupert. Still working on Rescue Rangers

04/10/17 - Another long wait, but for a good reason! For those who didn't know, Disney has started to rerelease their "Disney Afternoon" cartoons in glorious digital high-definition starting with Rescue Rangers! These do not suffer from the heinous crime of being passed through a filter like Robin Hood and The Sword in the Stone. No! These are proper rescans of the original film! They're so clear, there are times where you can see the shadow where the cells separate from each other as though you were holding them in your hand! Since it's a big job redoing the gallery, I started with some of Gadget's outfits, but not all of them. I also added some that weren't there before like her Swimsuit and Snow Suit. I also updated Tammy, Bink, and their mother and added Desiree D'Allure. Recently, Goof Troop has appeared in the online stores, but I'm not 100% sure that it's the same high-def as CDRR. Also, be aware that one of the CDRR volumes was released as 720p instead of 1080p so the image is smaller, but the quality is still present

12/11/16 - Something I thought to be cursed to only exist as a low-quality VHS rip due to its country of origin, has been not only found on a DVD by someone, they were kind enough to provide me with an extremely good quality rip of it. Introducing La Pavita Pechugona! Which is Spanish for "The Busty Turkey". I placed her gallery into a Music Video page in anticipation of future entries of the same genre. One I hope to have done by Christmas

07/14/16 - Finally finished Rock-a-Doodle! Peepers and a bunch of random girls have been added

05/08/16 - I forgot to mention that I resorted Miss Lily's section to be sorted for each outfit

05/05/16 - Updated Danger Mouse again with some more Professor Squawkencluck and her mother. I'm in some financial difficulties and am not sure if I'll have enough money to renew the hosting for another year. Please consider donating whatever you can so I can keep providing this service

04/08/16 - Big update today. Dog City began as a half-hour special on the Jim Henson Hour using strictly Muppets set in a detective film noir setting. The series is a clever mix of live action muppets and traditional animation. The series revolves around an animator, Elliot Shagg, who is able to interact with his character, Ace Hart, who is the main protagonist in the animated portion of the show. Both segments of the show are entertaining to watch and the jokes are quite good, which is mostly thanks to the terrific cast they used. You can get the whole series on Amazon's Instant Video service. You won't be disappointed

12/21/15 - Ho Ho Ho! (That's my update laugh). A new episode of Danger Mouse premiered the other day and with it some new pics of the Professor and a new girl, Kiki the elf. I also redid Teryx with the best possible quality from Amazon Instant Video (they only had season 1). This is as best as they come until they somehow release a blueray set in the future

11/25/15 - Redid General Zera with better quality screens and added Jeopardy Mouse to Danger Mouse

11/03/15 - Added General Zera from Nickelodeon's side series to their 2012 TMNT line, Half Shell Heroes. This direct to video special ends on an cliff hanger of sorts so I don't know if there will be other girls from this. But, this is the first time I've added a show that will have multiple series within a base folder. I will create a link to a hud that will eventually house all of the relevant incarnations of the TMNT series (original, 2003, etc.)

10/14/15 - Added some more to Squawkencluck and added Dawn to Danger Mouse

09/30/15 - I've added another reboot to the site. Danger Mouse makes a spectacular return with a brand new series that made such an impression on me, I had to take some screens right away. Heck, the second episode only just aired yesterday. In addition to the classic cast, some new faces were added to the show. Namely the Queen and the resident scientist Professor Squawkencluck

06/23/15 - Yeesh. Work was once again hitting me hard. I managed to add to Rupert this time. Introducing Ottoline's Aunt Felicity and her neighbor, Phoebe

01/20/15 - Man. I've got to start doing these more often. I've added a new show. Well, more of a reboot. Tom and Jerry Tales is a modern take on the classic shorts from the golden age of cartoons. The slapstick and mischief are still present, but with new places and themes to spice up the mix. Naturally, the girls were updated as well. Sorry, folks. No more naked girls in this show. So far, I've only done two "episodes" but they seem to feature the same girl, but in a different outfit. Take it as you will, here's Abracadumb, and Piranha Be Loved By You

09/24/14 - Another delayed update due mainly to my new job. Yo Yogi! was a short-lived gem Hanna-Barbera produced at the start of the '90s as a way to reintroduce their characters to a new generation using new Voice Actors that are still employed today. It's one of those rare crossover series that HB is known for but with a set cast of the more recognizable characters dressed in late 80s garb and hanging out in a super mall, with the lesser known making guest appearances either as shop owners or parodies of Real Life people. Such as Magilla Gorrilla co-starring as Magilla Ice (Vanilla Ice). Cindy Bear is the main female lead but Roxy makes an appearance in several episodes

05/10/14 - Wow. It's been a long time. I almost forgot how to do this hehe. This long-overdue batch has the one-shot cutie Frances from Rupert

12/29/13 - With what could be the last update of 2013, I added Turmoil and some Miscellaneous girls to Swat Kats

10/06/13 - Added the rare femme fatale Hatta Mari from an equally rare War Time Looney Tunes cartoon, Plane Daffy

09/01/13 - A Goofy Movie has been added

08/04/13 - An incredible update this time. I came accross a prime, proper dvd rip of the infamous Chipmunks episode, Sploosh! For those that don't know, The Chipmunks did a slew of parody episodes of popular movies (Batman, Star Trek, Robocop, etc.). This one was based on "Splash". The plot of Sploosh is quite similar to Splash in many respects, but naturally omits key plot points and such for the sake of time and possible legal issues. Based on the bumper for the episode I found, this can be found on a Valentine's themed DVD

07/22/13 - Hefty update today. To start with, I finished redoing Goldie Pheasant with the addition of her third and fourth outfits. Secondly, I added Google Analytics to the site to better keep track of who's been to the site and where they've been. I must say that I'm quite amazed at how many visits I get daily. Since adding the script on July 9, I average roughly 1000 page views a day! I can also see where traffic is coming from. Hello 4chan! One last thing. I'm considering adding small ads to the bottoms of the pages to help fund hosting. I just have to see how to go about it

06/03/13 - Updated Goldie's Second Outfit which resulted in adding on a third page with more than 250 images

05/14/13 - Two more girls have been added to Sherlock Hound. Also began redoing Rock-A-Doodle. Goldie's first outfit has been completed with several hundred new images in addition to better quality screens

03/31/13 - Added some more Misc and two characters to Sherlock Hound

03/04/13 - Started Rupert and began with Ottoline

02/06/13 - I finally got around to redoing Animalympics. All possible girls have been grabbed save for the Hippo and Elephant ones. The quality will vary due to it being a "prime" VHS rip I found. I also started adding watermarks to the images so I can have some sort of tracking option when I see screens posted to forums and Chan Boards. I wouldn't have resorted to this if artists and viewers would've linked-back like I asked. I made the watermark as light as possible while still being identifiable

01/13/13 - First upload of the year includes the rest of Bucky O'Hare: Captain Lanelle, the High Artificer, Princess Felicia, and the rest of Mini LeFluer. Oh, and a whole lotta Jenny

12/17/12 - Updated Bucky O'Hare. Primarily with new images of Jenny and Misc, but also added foxy Mimi LeFluer. The images are from the DVD unlike the previous batch which was from a rip that I suspect was a cropped DVD rip

12/04/12 - Add some more to Neptunia and Morgana

11/25/12 - Some more Darkwing entries: Morgana McCawber, Neptunia, and a couple more in Sarah Bellum

10/23/12 - Five new entries for Darkwing Duck. Binkie Muddlefoot, Sarah Bellum, some Miscellaneous girls, the Princess of Oilrabia, and Gloria Swansong

10/21/12 - One new entry tonight. Clarice from the Classic Disney short Two Chips and a Miss has been added

10/08/12 - Added two new entries with two girls each. Tom and Jerry and Darkwing Duck. Tom and Jerry's section will have the girls ordered by when I ripped them and what short they came from. Darkwing will be per normal routine

09/19/12 - Added a rather rare piece to the Gallery. The Jungle King. I first came across this as a VHS from the 90s at a thrift store and had ripped it into an AVI to get caps from, but found it on a DVD bundled with a Tarzan movie a few months ago. Seeing as the DVD was better in quality, I went with that. Leonette was the only girl of value

08/21/12 - Added Rebecca Cunningham's Safari Outfit to Tailspin

08/18/12 - I've seen an increase of artwork of characters from shows in the Screen Shots Gallery. Being the logistical person I am, I like seeing proof of the site being used. This is very hard to do when I don't see any link-backs to the site. I don't like asking the artist if they had used my site or not because I feel that it would be rude and intrusive. They could have their own reference source for all I know. And until I figure out how to put a tracking system for each page on here, I would like to ask all artists who use these Screen Shots to, at the very least, link back to the Screen Shot Gallery main page in the description. At the most, I'd like a donation ;)

08/04/12 - Added a couple Miscellaneous images to Tenchi Muyo GXP I had missed

08/03/12 - Added Mrs. Vandersnoot to TaleSpin

07/15/12 - Added Alphabetized versions of the Main Screen Shots Page and Tree View Pages

06/22/12 - Due to the actions of a fine fellow, I have discovered the missing episode from Moo Mesa! Sadie Wowcow joins the Gallery as the very attractive rival for Miss Lily whom has gotten more images taken. Most of which includes a new outfit. In addition to the episode, I have also found prime copies of Season 2 of the series. And I know I've spotted some candidates in at least one episode

06/18/12 - Added Muffy Vanderschmere to TaleSpin. More to come later

05/20/12 - I found a really cute character from yesterday's episode of Thundercats (2011) that just had to be included. Introducing Jenyo from Episode 22, The Forever Bag. If you think this means I'll be including Pumyra, Cheetara and the other female cats, keep waiting. They appear too human, like their 80s counterparts, to be considered Anthros. But that doesn't mean there won't be other species worth grabbing later on

05/11/12 - Finished up Wakfu with the only other Anthro character with a name, Melo, and Screens of various Pandawas and Ecaflips scattered throughout the two seasons. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that there will be a third season

04/02/12 - After another long wait, I have a new entry to the Screen Shots Page: An American Tail. I only know of Bridget and Gussie Mousheimer. Tanya was not included because her design is too similar to her sequal's design. If you feel like they she should be included, I am willing to include it for a fee of $20 for my time. If you need clothing and color references of her, there should be some of her scattered throughout the available Screens

02/04/12 - Added two items to Gadget Hackwrench's page. Her Puppet outfit from A Case of Stageblight and her Workout clothing

11/19/11 - I created a simple program in Flash that cuts the time it takes me to create a Screen Shots page from hours to mere minutes. There are some imperfections, but with time I will complete it. In the meantime, I have just completed An Extremely Goofy Movie as a part of a trade with a friend. I do have a form of commission available where you can get a character or movie done right away instead of waiting by Commissioning me. Prices range from $20 to $60 depending on if it's a single character with one or more outfits, or an entire movie. Contact info is on the main site

09/28/11 - Added This Pun for Hire in Minerva Mink. I found a good enough quality TV rip from France. Until WB gets its act together and releases Vol. 4 of Animaniacs, it'll have to do for now

09/14/11 - I redid and added a bunch of stuff to Minerva Mink. I have another source of her I need to take yet so check back later to see what it is. Additionally, it has come to my attention that I missed some Goldie Pheasant scenes when I first went through it. I'll need to address that in a future update and possibly even just take new shots as Media Player Classic saves the pixels in a 1:1 ratio when WinDVD 8 (the program I previously used for screen capping) preserved the 4:3/16:9 ratio of the movie's pixels. For those that don't know, a typical image on the internet has square pixels whereas televisions have the pixels squashed vertically. So an image that appears 640x480 in the player would show up as 720x480 when saved as a JPG. Basically, Media Player Classic preserves the whole image and not what is being shown like what WinDVD did

07/17/11 - An American Tail 2 is complete

06/01/11 - As some might have noticed, I have started working on An American Tail 2: Fievel Goes West. I'm about two-thirds into the film at the moment and still have a lot of linking to do, but ZIP files do exist to complement the thumbnails. I'm also thinking about adding a trivia page listing the various tidbits and interesting facts about the shows, movies, and characters I take screen grabs of. Such as the reason behind Gadget Hackwrench's apparent indecision on her hair color throughout the series

04/09/11 - Thanks to the generous donations of a few people, and a little bit of my savings, I was able to extend the site's hosting contract by two years. It turned out that it expired in May and not March like I had thought. The total amount spent was $243.80. Thanks again

03/29/11 - It's been awhile. I have a new series in the works, but in the meantime, I added a Tree view page of all current and potential girls in the Gallery. Direct links to the ZIPs are included on that page

01/04/11 - Happy New Year all. I have some unfortunate news regarding the site. Since I do not have a job currently and I do not have enough funds to pay for an extension for both the site and the host name, the site might go offline in March. In order to keep the site open, I would need roughly $300 to extend my contract (I'm not sure if it is the real amount as I haven't talked to the providers to see how much it would be). Any donations to my PayPal account will be used towards hosting. Please help keep this site alive so that I can continue to add to my already large list of References for your convenience

12/02/10 - A new entry for the list. And this one is so rare and unheard of, I got it from a bargain bin at a grocery store. The 12 Days of Christmas was written by the same guy who wrote the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer special but was produced after his death. Princess Silverbell and the Partridge are the only girls of worth

10/19/10 - Made some minor changes to some Screen Shot entry pages so some characters are in their own sub-pages or reducing the amount of images on a series main page

10/07/10 - Sherlock Hound has been updated. Mrs. Hudson and one Misc updated. Episode 26 is the major entry featuring the runaway bride Elizabeth and her handmaiden Alice. I used the Japanese name for the episode instead of the English one which is "The Runaway Bride Affair"

08/26/10 - Completely redid Tenchi Muyo GXP. New pages of Erma's different outfits as well as animated GIFs of her two transformations were added

06/25/10 - Big update today to Goof Troop. Peg has new pages full of various outfits from the show including her as a Gangster and a Saloon Girl. I also added Debbie to the page

05/15/10 - The last two episodes of Fish Police have been watched and it's rather disappointing that the series didn't last longer. Pearl looked good showing off Cleavage. Additionally, Angel and Misc were added to

04/21/10 - Some more Fish Police have been added. Mainly Angel with some Pearl. This batch is from the first of three episodes that only aired in Norway (Episodes 4-6) so there will be subtitles but with a larger image. Also, I saw some things that proved why only three episodes were aired in the US; One, a Pornographic Novel/Magazine. Two, A love doll. It's in the window on the left side of the screen. And three, S&M in the window with the hook. No joke. And to think this show was intended for children

04/13/10 - I thought I should finish up old galleries before starting a new one, so while I waited for some Talespin episodes to convert, I took some more of Fish Police. Included in this batch are some lovely girls from the Episode "Beauty's only Fin Deep". They are contestants in a Beauty Pageant that Angel was a part of. I also found out that the reporter has a name: Connie Koi. Also, Angel's last name appears to be Jones and I got some more of the Police Girl

04/08/10 - Back again with another rarity. Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds. This Anime series was based on The Three Musketeers and was originally developed for Spain but later Dubbed in English. The videos are from the DVD, but were ripped in a small size by the torrent's uploader. But small references are better than no references, right?

03/01/10 - Wow. It's been three months since I've added something? Well, here's a bit of a treat from France. Wakfu is an Anime of sorts made entirely in Flash and Java. It's the second show added to be wide screen but it is currently still being aired so I have no idea how many !nthro characters there'll be. Miranda is the only main !nthro thus far (her race is called Ecaflip) and there are lots of Miscellaneous !nthro girls to be added. Along with the standard Screen Caps, is a Model sheet taken from the Wakfu main website

12/29/09 - Lotta Lamour has been added to Tailspin

11/17/09 - After a long wait, I come bearing a new series: Dinosaucers. Teryx is the only character that I know of for certain, but I did read that there might be one or two one-timers to be seen. I also added links on all Screen Shot pages that returns the viewer to the Main Screen Shot page

10/22/09 - Foxglove from Rescue Rangers has been added.

08/24/09 - Swat Kats is the newest addition to the Screen Shots page. Callie Briggs and Dr. Abby Sinian are the first to be added

08/04/09 - It's time for another obscure show to make it's appearance: Fish Police. This 6 episode Hanna-Barbera Cartoon only aired 3 episodes in the US before it was abruptly canceled possibly due to the mature themed humor and the overly "gifted" female cast. *cough* Angel *cough* The only source I could find for this cartoon were AVIs that were taken from Video tapes recorded as they aired so they have varying quality and frame size. The last 3 episodes aired in Norway so there are Norwegian Subtitles on the show that cannot be removed. More from the show will be added later on

07/04/09 - My Little Pony has been added with the only Furry Female I know of from the series, Katrina. Plus I found some multiples in the Goldie section and removed them and updated files as needed

06/27/09 - The first Wide Screen Format Screen Shot entry, The Adventures of the Great Mouse Detective, has been added. All possible characters, except for the queen, have been taken

06/15/09 - Queenie from "Risky Beesness" added to Rescue Rangers

06/14/09 - Added some more to Miss Lily and Cowlamity Kate

06/11/09 - Another large batch of Screens Shots today featuring the Rescue Rangers with three Gadget outfits, Bink, Tammy, and Tammy's Mother

06/03/09 - Tajua (tae-wah) added to Moo Mesa as well as more shots of Miss Lily. And it seems that Furnation might not be dead after all. I really wish I was told sooner

05/26/09 - Added more shots of Miss Lily and Cowlamity Kate

05/21/09 - Big update today. Julie Bruin from Tiny Toons and four characters from the 1992 cartoon Wild West C.O.W. Boys of Moo Mesa. I had a doozy of a time finding sources for it. Granted they're cows, but they are rather attractive

05/18/09 - Mary Lamb - an obscure character from "Feminine Air" - was added to Talespin

05/17/09 - Server move Complete. RIP Furnation. Plus, I added Kitten Kaboodle as well as two Rebecca Cunningham costumes to Talespin under A Star is Torn

05/05/09 - Clementine Clevenger has been added to Talespin

05/04/09 - At the request of a fellow artist and friend/acquaintance, I have created ZIP files of the characters and/or pages for easy download of the shots. The files are setup so if they are on one page, they are in one zip that is linked on that same page

05/02/09 - Katie Dodd added to the Talespin page. I think I went a little overboard with this sexy Vixen

04/27/09 - Remember the Map Girl from the Talespin episode "For Whom the Bell Klangs Part 2"? Well, I made a page just for her

04/25/09 - Harmond as well as more Rebecca Cunningham shots from Talespin has been added plus Emily Focus from Sherlock Hound

04/10/09 - Myra Foxworthy added to Talespin

03/23/09 - Ellen from Episode 8 - The Speckled Band added to Sherlock Hound

03/16/09 - Sherlock Hound started

02/04/09 - Rock-A-Doodle is Complete

01/27/09 - A Third page to Outfit 3 has been added as well as a DuckTales area

01/12/09 - The first two parts of Outfit 3 are up in the Rock-A-Doodle screen shots page

12/12/08 - Even more screen shots from Rock-A-Doodle uploaded. Included in this update is outfit two from the trailer scene and outfit four from the barnyard scene. Outfit three will follow soon

11/13/08 - More screen shots from Rock-A-Doodle have been uploaded. I have limited the number of thumbnails for the Goldie pages to 250 in an attempt to not overload viewer systems while limiting the number of pages to view

09/07/08 - The Screen Shots page has been completed plus I added four animations to the 3D Goldie Project

06/17/08 - I'm working on making an HTML page for each page on the site. All will have thumbnails where applicable including the Screen Shots page which is complete. Pages yet to do include the TF Art and Mecha Art pages