Contained herein are depictions of Anthropomorphic Creatures. Otherwise known as Furries.

Osprey Hawk:  This is my Personal Furry Character or Fursona. Osprey is a, well, an Osprey. I decided upon this form because there were very few avian Furs and I loved the V-22 Osprey and flying. The coloring is inaccurate to a real life Osprey because there wasn't a whole lot of color references of Ospreys available at school or Online. Plus it's easy to remember. I've been drawing myself as Osprey since High school (1998) and is the best way to see how I've improved in drawing both Anatomy and detail

Jen:  This is my first female character who is a Vixen. Vixens are, in my opinion, one of the more attractive species of Furries next to Skunks and Cats. Plus I could draw foxes without references. She was also created while I attended High school and hasn't been drawn since 2005 or so due to lack of interest

Chocolate:  She is the result of attempting to Anthro-tise my pet bunny who is also named Chocolate. Chocolate is currently about 9 years old (in real life mind you) which is ancient in bunny years according to my mother. There are photos and drawings of her in here and will try and redo her Anthro form later this year

Tygna:  Pronounced Tieg-nah, she is a busty Blue Tigress from my Fictional BattleTech Universe inhabited my Furries instead of Humans. In this BattleTech Universe, she is an ex Clan Star Colonel whom I defeated in a Trial of Possession and she (and her units/base) became my Bondsman. Which means I pretty much own them unless I say otherwise. Tygna is very loyal to me and I treat her as an equal despite objections from my non-Bondsman crew. I have yet to see any sings of rebellion or disobedience from her, outside of disobeying orders in combat, which nearly always resulted in positive outcomes. I do keep her under surveillance just in case

Chrissy Cheeta:  The name is purposely misspelt. She is another BattleTech character created for piloting fast Mechs and recon on foot. Only one image exists thus far, but that will eventually change

Raichu:  Yes. I admit. I like Pokemon. In fact, I have over 1000 trading cards including a complete Base Set 1 in very good condition. Raichu was one of my favorite Pokemon to have on my team aside from Vaporeon and Mew. She was just a short phase that I got over

Goldie PheasantShe is not my Character! I just draw Fan art of her. She is from the Don Bluth Film, Rock-A-Doodle. I remember seeing this film in theaters as a child (1990) and I didn't know what furries were or what was attractive (I didn't even register cute then) but I was drawn towards her beauty and voice. I had totally forgotten about the movie and Goldie until two years ago when it suddenly came to me in my mind's eye. Immediately (the next week) I did some feverish searching for any kind of DVD or Fan rip (torrent). Luckily, Suncoast had a DVD for only 9.99 plus S+H. And ever since I have convinced other artists to draw her and have also improved in drawing her. In this page you will also find my colorations of other artists drawings of Goldie

Multiple Characters: These images involve more than one characters from one of the above pages.

Other Characters:  Self Explanatory. But the short description is that these are miscellaneous characters that I have drawn that don't go anywhere else

Gifts:  Even I feel the need to give. Occasionally