Catapult MKII: My fan-created BattleMech based on the Catapult

Goldie Pheasant: Adult content within. This is a failed 3D Model of Goldie Pheasant from Rock-A-Doodle. I plan to do a new one after I create a proper set of images to create the model with

This is the Armor Mode's Arm Vulcan. It is mounted on the lower arm just above the wrist and swings foreward

Mesh Smooth render test

Osprey's hand

My first 3D assignment in Brown College was to create a head useing a Geosphere. I chose Osprey's head because I've always wanted to see my Fursona in 3D

As you can see, the eyes are seperate objects and the eye sockets are colored and set back in the head

Another Mesh Smooth Render of the Front...

...and the back. These are superb examples of how detail oriented I can be.

This is a preanimation screen shot of a V-22 Osprey I made for class. The assignment was to create a helicopter, make the rotors spin, take off and retract gear, then fly away. I went one step farther and made the Osprey and added a motor solver to the Rotors. The animation is HERE It is an Apple Quicktime movie