My first assignment for Digital Video Production which involved splicing together shots that my classmates and I had to shoot and match up with a script provided by the teacher using Adobe Premier. I provided the voice over.

This assignment involved a team of classmates to setup and shoot footage for a script that we wrote. After the shooting, we were to make individual versions of the final commercial.

The final assignment for Digital Video Production required me to write a script, draw a story board, and shoot the footage for a Demonstration Film. The topic I chose was "Assembling and Painting a Gundam Model kit from Start to Finish".

One of the assignments for Interactive Rich Media III. I was instructed to use Adobe After Effects CS3 to animate my name.

The final assignment for Interactive Rich Media III, which encompassed the entirety of the quarter mostly because we were taught different aspects of After Effects on different days. Done in Adobe After Effects CS3.

The first assignment for Branding and Packaging was to create a product for the imaginary Dunkin' Donuts Energy Bar. We had to come up with a catchy name and the packaging for the product. Being the 3D savvy student I am, I did it all in 3D. The ruler was added to show scale.

The Armputer is a device I made up that is an arm mounted tablet PC. I even came up with a display mount showing what the various components would be made of. I am thinking of pursuing a Patent on the design.