DJJD Royalty Pancake Breakfast

I was given the task of designing an image and the layout for the 2009 Pancake Breakfast that is served by Past and Present Royalty. The pancakes were drawn in Photoshop.

The Tickets were arranged into a sheet format so whomever was printing them could optimize the page and choose whatever color paper they wanted.

2011 DJJD Button

I was given the opportunity to design this years Defeat of Jesse James Days button (and subsequently the website banner). It started with a doodle of a design I was planning on entering into the contest under the impression that there still was such a contest. Tim Freeland (the man in charge of the button) saw my doodle during a DJJD meeting and liked it enough to allow me the opportunity to be more than a volunteer. The design was to look like a gold coin with the button number being placed on the right.

This is a photo of the finished button. Unfortunately, there was a miscommunication between myself and the orginization that created the button which led to me creating a design which was smaller than I was led to believe. The design was supposed to stretch to the edge of the top to give the illusion of a coin when seen from the front and sides.

And these are the three, angled views of the 3D graphic Tim Freeland requested to use on the Website,




Technically, this wasn't an official project, but it is related to the Celebration.

I had to make up a poster for the Rodeo (see below) but the image I recieved from Dokmo (the big local sponsor for the event) sent me a small Jpg that was miscolored and hideously pixelated (in my opinion). I could not live with myself as a designer if I allowed a sub-par image to be used in a project of mine. Especially since it had to be enlarged.

So, I made a vectorized version of the logo. I even tracked down the font they used. PDF version here

Afterwards, I asked the guy who gave me the original if he'd like a copy of what I made and he was thrilled! The guy who made the logo to begin with only gave them small, rastorized copies.

The 2012 Rodeo poster. I made the whole thing using Adobe In Design and had initially designed it to be printed onto stock paper, but due to its size, I had to make it a background so they could make them. Which was what I had wanted to do last year as it would eliminate the bleeding caused by printing colors onto a texture.