Oftentimes, I just start drawing a robot and it turns into something complete. Sometimes it isn't intended for a specific Universe or timeline. Just for the heck of it.
The Ant of Damnation. Just an idea for an evil, Self-Aware mecha.
This drawing was originally done in red mechanical pencil lead. I changed it to grayscale so it's easier on the eyes. I drew this while waiting for my laptop to be fixed
One day during break at work, I had a thought: "What if the Allies in WWII attempted to make a 'walking tank'?" Thus the Killroy was born. Diesel powered, pneumatic driven, this mecha uses the same ammo as the Sherman as well as some components to save production time. And yes it's named after the imaginary GI, Killroy.
This is an upgraded version of The Killroy that I intended to use in an anthro pinup image with a Vixen popping out of the hatch. It includes an addition of a special vent system on the main gun barrel that used some of the escaping gasses from firing the round to help counter the recoil. I only drew one side and later flipped it so I can ink it in Illustrator.
Another Mecha born out of bored-ness. An excellent example of how detailed I can be when drawing.
Same as above