Mecha is a Japanese word meaning a mechanical device or object. Typically humanoid robots. Mechaosprey then literally means Robot Osprey as this is the robotic version of my Fursona, Osprey. It's also called "Mecha Mode".

The first incarnation of Mechaosprey that was intended for use on a T-shirt.

This is the wing design. I wanted it to be as close to my Fleshy wings as possible. They are meant to resemble modern aircraft wings with control surfaces and rivets.

An attempt to redesign Mechaosprey from scratch.


Leg and hip designing.

I do dabble in the Art of Transformation. This is me (Osprey) becoming Mechaosprey. This can be triggered by either a speaking "Mecha Mode" while entering a certain mental state and during extreme moments of rage. The rage option involves skin ripping but there is an alternative method called "Accelerated Mecha Mode" where a disk of energy passes over me and I instantly change.

The Giant Shotgun. All the large weapons are built to be slid onto either arm and is stored on the tail. The front view is meant to be mirrored.

This is the Feral Mode. Mechaosprey has three modes; Mech, Feral, Aircraft. This is the equivalent to Robotech's Valkyrie's Gerwalk (Guardian) Mode.

Finger work.

Figuring out how the fist should react to the talons on the fingertips.

The internal structure.

The Tank Buster and Hawk Blade.



Posing using the first version wielding the Giant Vulcan (right arm) and the nose rifles.

An updated version of the above image. Same right arm weapon, but the left is brandishing the built-in Arm Blade. Both arms have the blades as well as a repeater laser directly opposite the blade. The area with those weapons can rotate 180 degrees and is normally set with the blade at the elbow.

Early on, I wanted the main weapons to become the nose of the Aircraft Mode.