I've been in love with BattleMechs since my father got an Aptiva with MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries back in 1995

The foot design for the Catapult MKII

The Interceptor is a line of BattleMechs that I created using a shared design feature: Digitigrade legs with full feet. This is the Prototype, INT-01. It looks blocky as I was still influenced by the simple shape designs of the Mechs in MW2:Mercs. This was drawn around 2003 when I was at the Art Institute for Animation. Unfortunately, I was mentally unprepared for College so I was forced to leave.

INT-02P Predator. The second of the Interceptor Class, this Mech has a kind of Omni-slot (Any weapon) tech built into the frame. While other OmniMechs only have weapon bays as Omni, the Predator has limbs that can be swapped mid-combat. The armaments include a hand mounted chainsaw, a missile launcher, an AutoCannon, and a prehensile tail with razor-sharp barbs that can be used as a close range weapon.

INT-03H Hybrid. This is a very detailed drawing of the Hybrid's leg. I intended for the Hybrid's torso to be a mixture of a Catapult and Madcat sans the big shoulder missile launchers. This Mech was intended for medium range combat.

INT-04Pr Prowler. It is a light Mech designed for scouting and some sniping using the Light Gauze Rifle on its arm. Even though it's an older design, its weight makes it the Deathbringer's "Little Brother".

INT-05M Minotaur. The name is self explanatory. This Mech was designed for short range combat. Often times, I include the specs with the Mech so not only the viewers know what the Mech is capable of, it's so I don't forget later on.

INT-06Db Deathbringer. This is the first (and only) 100 Ton Mech in the Interceptor line. It came about quite by accident as I was trying to draw the Prowler, but I had goofed up some parts so I changed it accordingly. Yes, it is based on Samus Aran's Chozo Suit (Metroid Games). The weapons include an Extended Range Heavy Gauze Rifle in the arm, two Rotary Auto Cannons (RAC) type 2, two Long Range Missile 10 pods, and one Extended Range Large Laser. It is intended for long range engagements, is equipped with a Jump Jet backpack and is my favorite Mech to pilot. I used this Mech in some assignments in my 3D classes at Brown College, but none are complete enough to be shown here.

INT-07LS Little Shit. Designed to be a pain in the Aft Section, this Ultra Light Mech was intended for antipersonnel/urban recon. Its small size is perfect for dodging behind buildings and taking "pot-shots" at enemies.

INT-08U Über. An attempt at a pun of the German word "Übermensch" meaning Superman. Über Mech, Übermensch. In any case, the Über was built to be a RAC platform (two on each arm) with some short range weapons for support in the torso.

INT-09Hn Henshin. Henshin is a Japanese word meaning Transform. Which is what this Mech does. It is able to transform from a land based BattleMech to an air vehicle known as an AeroTech Fighter. I am trying to turn this into a 3D Model as well.

Concept art for an Interceptor's leg.

Technical drawings of INT-01.

Action pose.

A story board I had to do for school featuring a very detailed Deathbringer as the centerpiece.

INT-06Db posing.

Nice perspective shot here.

Detailing how the INT-06Db would reload the ER Heavy Gauze Rifle.


The Eternal Mech. 200+ Tons of metal carnage. This Mech is actually two in one. The legs and hip would separate from the torso and become a stationary weapons platform and the torso section would act like any other Mech but using the arms as legs as detailed below.


The second attempt at the Hybrid Mech. This time using the Madcat/Vulture leg assembly.