I don't always draw pictures of myself. As a Furry/Anthro artist I draw other Furries. And since it's a form of Plagiarism and Copyright infringement to show you drawings that I did of other artist's characters, I'll show you some that I have created.
This is a "Figure out what works" drawing of my first Original character, Jen. She is a Vixen.
Some basic anatomy practice.

Head designs which includes skulls.

Crissy Cheeta's character sheet.

Random Anthro female heads.

Another original character of mine. Her name is Tygna (tieg-nah). She is a blue Tigress and this was intended for use in creating a 3D model of her.

More designing of Tygna including a minor skeletal view.

Figuring out what Tygna's face should look like.