Fursonas are like Personas, only much hairier. Or in my case, feathered.

I came up with Osprey as my Fursona in mid High School when I noticed that most of the artists who were drawing Anthro/Furry art had a personal character to represent themselves. I had noticed that there weren't many Avians being used and countless canids, felines, and mythics. Also during that time, I was playing the now ancient DOS game LHX: Attack Chopper. And in that game the V-22 Osprey made its first appearance in my life. I learned after some snooping around some bird books that the V-22 was named after a real bird. After a quick brainstorm I devised my first Furry character, Osprey Cee Hawk. I only had one picture of the Pandion Haliaetus (North American Osprey) on hand and couldn't find any more so I used what little detail the picture had and designed the feather pattern to best mimic the real thing as my current talent allowed. The original design of Osprey was very basic and was ultimately refined over the years as I improved my skills.

Here I am landing. Yes, I referred to myself as Osprey. Many Anthro artists refer to themselves as their Fursona because they incorporate so much of their human selves into their alternative self.

This is me sitting in a BattleMech cockpit. I intended this to be placed in a panel of an image of Deathbringer (see BattleMech section) to be used as a piece of fan art to another Anthro artist.

I drew this one at an Arbys/Sabarro after seeing Star Wars Episode 3.

A drawing of a potential Forum Avatar that was never really finished.

At times I can be quite obsessed with detail. Even when the object I'm drawing could never exist in real life. I've heard rumors of Anthros being possible in 200 years or so, but for now, this'll do. The drawing was done in bed before I went to sleep and I did not use any references.

This anatomy drawing was done during two work breaks and is something similar to what DiVinci would've done in my opinion.

Just a view of the backside

Armor mode. Essentially it's a power suit like Samus Aran's from the Metroid games, only built for me and intended for use in the BattleTech Universe. This is one of the first drawings of it. Intra-Dimensional Teleportation (IDT) is an unique method I devised that allows for matter to be moved from one point in Space-time to another using an alternate dimension as the median. Meaning that the object being moved via IDT is literally moved into a "blank" dimension until is it needed or even before it exists as travel between dimensions is not affected by time. Nearly all of the weapons on Armor Mode use IDT for the acquisition of ammunition. The ammo is stored in the "blank" dimension and is given to the weapon as needed. The spent ammo casings are also affected by IDT in a way that causes them to disappear after a certain time frame and sent back to base for reuse. The specifics are far too numerous to be explained here.

I'm never satisfied with the torso section and am always using a different design. I plan on finalizing the overall design once I make a complete 3D model of Osprey so I can simply (so to speak) place the armor meshes (3D talk for the pieces in the 3D file) over the 'fleshy' model to get proper dimensions and accurate movement of the parts so there are no adverse interactions with both the 'fleshy' bits and other parts of the suit. Here you can see the Armor Vulcan from the above image attached to the arm. The gun swings 180 degrees to free up the hand for close combat or interaction

Concept art.

Designing a way to keep the knee protected when the leg is bent.

More concept drawing.