These are 3D animations I have created based on my custom made BattleMechs, the Catapult MKII and the Deathbringer. I am still rather green in terms of 3D animation and modeling as there are so many ways to build and animate an object in 3D. In order to see if something I want to include in the model's final form works, I run some tests using the actual parts of the model.

Included in this section is an animation of a V-22 Osprey taking off and flying away.

The first animated movie featuring the MK II. This was done for a class assignment that required me to animate a two legged character walking. This was already made as a side project so I finished up what I could.

This is a test of 3DS Max's Reactor feature which mimics (to an extent) collisions and other physical variables to make the affected piece move accordingly. I explored this feature so I didn't have to animate the MK II's toes individually (which would've taken for ever). The only problem I've encountered is that Reactor is not a very precise program and tends to not work at times even when it ran perfectly literally a minute beforehand. When I attempted to use this in the final product, the toes kept falling through the floor long before the foot even raised up. After several "why the feck isn't this working" sessions, I decided not to enact the reactor function and kept the toes rigid.

This is a test of the Ammo Feed Belt used on the Rotary AutoCannon (RAC). I wanted the belt to react to the motion of the RAC to give it a more realistic feel to it. I later ironed out the kinks and errors from this test which were implemented in the final animation

This is the final animation of the MK II project. This was done for my Associates Portfolio show at Brown College and won an award for it.

This too was for an assignment. The objective was to create a helicopter in 3D that had its rotors spin up to speed and keep spinning, lift off, retract gear, and fly away. I went beyond the requirements and made a basic V-22 Osprey and managed to get the Motor function in 3DS Max to work with the model (after 6-8 tries) and this is the end result. I would've loved to have had more detail in the model (shapes, textures, etc.) but there was a time limit.

This was my Capstone project for my Bachelor's Degree from Brown College. I was tasked with creating something using the know-how I gained while in school. Since package and site design was not a forte of mine (I do those best when I don't come up with the idea), I decided upon a 3D animation of a BattleMech I came up with some years ago. I had to create a Storyboard, improve the design for 3D, and add sounds and background music. I had intended it to be longer with more action, but my computer couldn't handle more than one target at a time. If I had more time, the model would've been far more detailed than it is. The design was never finalized so by the time I had the legs ready, I was about halfway through the quarter.