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Mrs. Marie Hudson

Barbara from Episode 1 - He's The Famous Detective

Ms. Shields from Episode 2 - The Evil Genius, Professor Moriarty

Martha from Episode 3 - Little Martha's Big Mystery

Polly from Episode 5 - Blue Ruby

Jack's Mom from Episode 6 - Solve the Mystery of the Green Balloon

Ellen from Episode 8 - The Speckled Band

Episode 11 - The Targeted Giant Coin Bank


Maria's Mother

Emily Focus from Episode 12 - The Stormy Getaway

Episode 15 - The Golden Statue of the Great Burglar

Mrs. Perison

Old Lady

Mary from Episode 17 - The Monster of the Thames River

Student from Episode 18 - Blundered Operation at Loch Ness

Museum Patron from Episode 19 - The Rosetta Stone

Alline Christopher from Episode 21 - Buzz Buzz! The Fly Fly Mecha Operation

Helen Bain from Episode 22 - Grand Flight Championship of Chaos

Episode 25 - Chaos! The Doll Swap Case



Episode 26 - Good-bye Holmes! The Last Case

Elizabeth Racliff


Miscellaneous Characters