Old old image from a story I wrote for class in high school. Don't ask

'Nother old image depicting Me, Jen and our Pokemon on a little vacation

Me, Jen, and Chocolate

Jen walks in while I'm carving a pumpkin and Chocolate eats Pie

I've been attacked!

It's supposed to resemble a photograph

Goldie and Sawyer catching up over a cup of Coffee

Didn't like how this turned out. She would be that high compared to me. I did the math

Random female furry heads

We've been Super Deformed!

Ancient picture of me and Jen mourning the loss of Snuggy. My first pet rabbit. Chocolate is my second one

Me flying my V-22 (Jen is the Co-pilot) dodging missiles

Old MS Paint drawing of Jen teaching Chocolate how to roller blade at the beach

Rough ink and pencil drawing of me eating Pocky and Goldie wanting some after finishing an aerobic workout. MY POCKY!