This is a failed Goldie Model. It failed because I miscounted the toes and didn't have a good reference for the body as a whole.

Okay so I decided to resurrect the bad Goldie model and turn it into a set of Animated Gifs. These were Rendered as MOVs, but I made them into SWFs for ease of viewing and upload time. Note that they are tests for the bouncing I added to the model for realism and will be "Boning" and "Skinning" her next

The Bone structure I used

Lighting tests

Here's a walk test. I added the skirt through lengthening vertecies on the edge of the leotard, but I had to separate the leotard from the Pantyhose to do it. Originally, I had wanted the clothing to actually be clothing, but I still need practice on how to make it

This is the final animation which I turned into an animated GIF